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Foia Software: What Public Records Software Can Tell You

FOIA Software: Coloring Within The Lines Of The Law

Some people may think that foia software that is available online violates our first amendment rights. However, each state allows certain information to be public knowledge and doesn’t deem it as private. Each state has its own rules about what is exempt and what is public knowledge. While it might seem like your privacy is at risk with what information is available it’s not.

Public Records Software: An Easy Way To Get Information

Public records software is a much faster way to gain information than in the past. Now that you can put in a request online you know longer have to wait for a person to respond to a letter that was submitted by mail. It’s all done online. That doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily get the information you requested. You put in a request and if the software program is able to grant that request under the laws of the state that you live in it will. However, sometimes even though it’s public information doesn’t mean they can always find it.


Citizen Request Management: When It’s Your Job To Stay Organized

With citizen request management you can stay up-to-date on your requests and where they are in the process of things. The great thing about being able to manage your requests is if you’re an government information and getting information on a business or an individual is your job then you probably have a lot of balls to juggle and if one drops it can cost you. Having an organized system that you can go to in order to check the status of a request can be really beneficial to our job and your job performance.