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Citizen Request Management: Doing Public Records Online

Citizen request management is a constant work in progress and always has been when it comes to government jobs at the state, local and federal level. Why is that? Well, the volume at which citizen requests and citizen needs come in is tenfold. There isn’t enough manpower to handle every request as it comes in. Government agencies have been under the gun for awhile to handle citizen requests better. Get back to citizens in a more timely manner than they have in the past.

Training Records Software: So You Get The Most Out of Public Records Online

Public records online training records software has made that possible. Now instead of having to do everything manually or on software that is slow and not up to date, government employees wait for the citizen to make the request online through this software program, the request is then processed, it’s sent to the proper person and or department to handle that request and then the citizen gets an automated response letting them know when they should expect to hear on the request and that the request has been received. All the government employee has to do now is there job, handle the request and the citizen isn’t calling twenty four seven to check in on the rquest because they’ve gotten a response about when they should expect to hear.

Citizen Request Management: Giving Your Employees The Tools They Need To Thrive

That’s why more and more government agencies have been using this new software system that has citizen request management built in. This way they can really thrive in their work place and be happy about their jobs because of the level of job stress has been reduced greatly.