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Citizen Request Management: Organizing Your Public Records Software

Citizen Request Management Is Like A Mini Secretary At Your Fingertips

Not everyone can afford to have a secretary or an assistant. Times are tough and downsizing is on the rise. Even the most organized individuals need help from time to time. That’s why a good foia software program will have a citizen request management component. Usually, government officials, lawyers, bounty hunters and private investigators are working with a heavy case load and therefore they need their requests to be managed so that they are reminded of the requests they put in.

Why Public Records Software?

If you are someone that works in obtaining public information that meets the state government’s requirements as to what is deemed public and what is deemed private then you know how important a public records software program is to you meeting your deadlines. Now that the internet exists, the above mentioned jobs can take on heavier case loads. No longer do they have to fill out a ton of paperwork and wait in long lines at the court house to gain public information. They also no longer have to sift through stacks of papers until they get the information that they need.

FOI Software: Getting The Job Done In Half The Time

It’s exhausting, obtaining public information on people in order to make your case against them or at least before foi software it used to be. Now that this software exists and the internet is where it is today, obtaining this kind of information is so much easier than it used to be. Now not only can you put in multiple requests at one time but you can manage your requests so that you know when something is due and where you are with certain requests and you can be reminded that you have a pending request or that your requested information is now available.