“There are other CRM
systems available on the market, but none that are specifically designed for managing Public Records Act and Freedom of Information Act requests like Public Records Tracker.”


Public Records Tracker can help you get there

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows citizens to gain access to government information and sets standards for the rights citizens have to records from the Federal Government. All State laws concerning citizen access to government information have been based upon FOIA.

Public Records Tracker, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, organizes and automates the management, tracking and response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and/or State Public Records Act (PRA) requests from citizens to make compliance with these laws much easier.

How Public Records Tracker stacks up against FOIA & state government PRA requirements

See below how Public Records Tracker's features stack up against the Top Compliance Requirements of FOIA and state government Public Records Act request laws:

Requirement Public Records Tracker Feature
Meet Mandatory Response Deadlines of:
  • 20 days (FOIA)
  • 10 days (PRA)
Automatically time/date stamps when a records request comes in, with flexible system auto alerts to notify when a records request is approaching its due date.
Meet mandatory review and response times for special records requests marked "Expedited Processing" of:
  • 10 Days (FOIA)
Ability to prioritize and/or escalate a specific type of records request based on your predefined criteria.
Capture key information associated with receiving a request: subject, date of request, name, address, phone and email of requester Easily enter all relevant information associated with a records request into a single screen, and store the data in a secure SQL database.
Maintain an audit trail and dated history of all communication, activities and redaction associated with fulfilling or denying a records request Intuitive screens and fields enable multiple users to easily record all their time and activities, phone calls, emails and notes associated with a records request and even attach documents, right within the system.
Send response to requestor as required via letter and or additional methods as requested including email Auto-generated Word templates make correspondence easy. Letters can be printed and/or emailed directly from the system to the requester.
Connect and store all relevant documents and email associated with a records request for at least 1 year When any correspondence is generated from the system a copy is automatically stored and associated with the history of that records request.
Record and track applicable fees associated with a response Fields within the system allow an agency to record fees due and paid, based on predefined criteria, to ensure consistency and accountability.
Provide an annual agency report to the U.S Attorney General on (FOIA) records requests received within the preceding year Graphical charts and graphs keep you informed of all your records requests at all times. Specific reports required for FOIA comes standard with the system, saving you time and resources.