citizen request management

Citizen Request Management: Looking Up Public Records Online

Citizen Request Management: How To Organize Your Requests

Citizen request management is important to anyone who works at a job where they have to request a lot of information on a lot of different people and they have deadlines to meet. If your job requires you to have many different cases open at one time you can’t possibly keep track of every single person that you’ve got information request on. The great thing about software program that manages them for you is they work as a filing system and they alert you when you have a file that’s ready.

Public Records Online: Why You Look

Why do people find looking at public records online so fascinating? One of the reasons is because some people just do not know a lot about themselves and therefore find it of the upmost importance that do some digging to find out about their family try. Other people are looking for someone, whether it’s a lost love or a daughter that they gave up for adoption. There are so many interesting and exciting reasons why people looking information up through these kinds of software programs. Knowledge is power and people like to feel like they have a handle on things.


FOIA Express: For The Business Savvy Individuals

If you are someone that does public records searches for a living then sometimes you are handed a file and you are asked to get information on a person pronto. In these cases you need an foia express. What that means is you need information fast. You don’t have time to sit around and wait until the information you requested comes through. When you put in an express request you are expected to pay more but the information you request is also given to you at a much more accelerated rate.