citizen request management

FOIA State Gov: Looking For Public Records Online

FOIA State Gov: Private Verses Public Information

With foia state gov a line is drawn between public information and private information. Whenever you can get any kind of information online there is always a fear that your privacy is at risk when you go online and purchase anything or email something to someone or respond to an instant message. Luckily, while there are hackers online who can access information illegal the state does govern what information is accessible to people

Citizen Request Management: Managing Your Searches For You

If you have a job where you need to get information about a lot of different people you need citizen request management to come with your public records software otherwise you are going to lose track of your requests. This way you are organized and you are reminded that the information you needed is time sensitive. So if you are juggling a lot of balls at once you are alerted to when the information you request becomes available and when you need it for a deadline.

Public Records Online: Knowing Where To Look

Knowing where to look when it comes to Public Records Online is important. There is a lot of different software companies out there that promise the same thing but some are better at managing your requests and getting you the information you requested by the time that you need it others are not. So you need to be smart prior to making your purchase. Do some research and see what user reviews are saying about the different companies that you are thinking of purchasing. This way you get the software that best suits your needs and you are not left out in the cold.