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FOIA Software: Following State FOIA Laws

The freedom of information that is out there scares some people but it really shouldn’t. With identity theft and other kinds of internet and hacking scams it makes sense that people might be apprehensive about what information is out there that the general public can get their hands on through an foi software. Rest assured the majority of people that are using this software are government employees and they are not using it for their own benefit they are using it to gather information that’s important in terms of their job.


Also know that each state has their own laws that allow certain information to be public but in order to gain this information you have to pay for it. So that cancels out a lot of people that you might worry about having information about you that you might deem as private.

How To Find The Information Laws For Your State

You can find out what the state foia laws are for your state by going online and doing a search for your state. You will probably be surprised by what information is considered public but you will also probably be put at ease knowing that the only way to obtain this information is by buying one of the public records tracker software packages and having to pay to get that information. That limits the number of people that will be obtaining this public information about you that you might not be comfortable with people having.


Also, know that the majority of people that have access to these types of software programs are people that work in government jobs and do these types of searches daily for work related reasons.