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FOIA Express: State Foia Improving Communication

FOIA Express: When You Need Information Even Faster

An foia express offers local government, state government and federal government agencies to opportunity to get a citizen request even faster than a normal request. Foia state gov software is already faster and making government jobs easier because it’s cutting down on the amount of work that government employees have to do so that they can actually focus on their jobs and not be overwhelmed by the hundreds and thousands of requests that come in. It doesn’t just improve job performance while lowering job stress it also improves communication between citizens and their constituents. Now citizens with this new software get responses to their requests so that they know that the request was received and they aren’t waiting around to hear whether or not their request was made. Instead of flooding the office with phone calls now they are alerted right away that their request has been received and when they should expect to hear back on that request.

FOIA State Gov: Getting Software That Helps

The purpose of foia state gov software is to help local, state and federal government agencies manage their citizen requests that they receive, help them get back to those citizens in a timely manner on that request and improve overall correspondence between government offices and their citizens. Another goal is to lower job stress of local, state and federal government employees. This new software is faster and more efficient and makes it easier for government employees to do their jobs without being overwhelmed with citizen requests.