“This product can really help
government organizations at the state, local, and federal levels manage, track, and respond to Public Records Act and Freedom of Information Act requests in a timely and responsive manner.”

–Curt Kolcun, Vice President
Microsoft US Public Sector

About Public Records Tracker™ FOIA State Gov Software

The Public Records Tracker solution is built on the proven, reliable Microsoft technology foundation of Dynamics CRM. Public Records Tracker powered by Dynamics CRM is the first SaaS (Software as a Service) solution which is specifically designed to help enable a government agency, (federal, state or local) to manage citizen requests for records from start to finish.

Public Records Tracker provides Government departments and agencies across the country an easy-to-access, web-based, low cost solution that has all the functionality needed to help government meet state FOIA compliance requirements.

With Public Records Tracker, you have anywhere-access to public records requests information via Internet Explorer and an Internet connection. A web-based business process design and automation control panel streamlines work tasks with notifications and makes responding to FOIA state gov records requests easy and efficient. Graphical dashboards and reports provide data at your finger tips to provide all the information needed to track, manage and respond to all requests for public records.

To help users take advantage of all these features and functionality, Public Records Tracker has Online Training Guides and Technical Support that are accessible directly within the application screen. Whether you're a new user or an existing user that needs help with a specific topic, Public Records Tracker has the tools necessary to manage public records online with ease.

How do I access Public Records Tracker?

Simple… all you really need is a computer with Internet access. To access Public Records Tracker powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM via the “Cloud”, your system needs to meet the following requirements:

state foia
  • Internet Explorer 7 or
    Internet Explorer 8 and above
  • Supported Operating Systems:
    • Windows 7 (all versions)
    • Windows Vista (all versions)
    • Windows XP Professional SP3
    • Windows XP Home SP3
    • Windows XP Media Center Edition SP3
    • Windows XP Tablet SP3

To use Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Office integration features, such as Export to Excel and Mail Merge, you must have one of the following installed Microsoft Office versions on the computer that is running the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web client:

  • Microsoft Office 2003 SP3 or later
  • 2007 Microsoft Office System SP2 or later
  • Office 2010

Note: Microsoft Windows 2000 editions are not supported for installing and running the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web client

How secure is the data in Public Records Tracker?

The Public Records Tracker powered by Dynamics CRM uses SQL Server as the database to store your information. A secure foundation is assured by Public Records Tracker leveraging the data table design and security design of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This allows the solution to build upon the groundwork of the best practices and testing Microsoft has performed on this robust platform.

Further, each government organization that uses Public Records Tracker will have its own private customer database in the Public Records Tracker architecture. Having a unique organization database isolates each customer's data from one another. The specific design of this database architecture enables increased security from today's online alternatives, and introduces the capability for database portability, in the event a customer wants to discontinue use of the application.