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In Public Records: Public Records Online Just Got Easier

In Public Records Just Got Easier Through Public Records Online

Whether you are at the state, local or federal level of government you know how overwhelmed your office can get with citizen requests. Up until public records online software was introduced all in public records citizen requests were done with much slower programs that were not organized and made it very easy for things to get lost in the mail to use a common phrase. Government employees were getting buried in requests and it became difficult to manage those requests so that citizens felt that they were being taking care of properly. Now with the new software program that’s out there managing citizen requests through the public records software program has improve job performance at the state, local and federal level and it’s made it easier for employees to do their job more efficiently. They are able to respond faster and more accurately to citizens as their requests come in.

The way it works is the citizen puts in a request now, basic information is taken on the citizen and the request. The request is then filed. The citizen is alerted that the request has been received. The request is sent to the appropriate person to handle it and the citizen is informed of when they should expect to hear back on that request.

State FOIA: Freedom Of Information Act Laws Closely Followed

The freedom of information act also referred to as the state foia means that citizens have a right to make requests to their local, state and federal government in an effort to obtain information that is concerned public information under the state foia laws. The way that this is done is through public records. Usually, citizens connect their local, state and government offices using their public records online site and request certain information. Once it’s vetted to make sure that it meets all the state foia laws for that state then the citizen receives information on the request that they made.