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January 2008

The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for the services offered by Public Records Tracker (the "Services") and for this Website. Public Records Tracker reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement at any time with or without notice. Only the current Privacy Statement is deemed effective, so please review this Privacy Statement periodically.

Public Records Tracker has created this Privacy Statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to safeguarding the privacy of our Subscribers, Customers and our Website visitors. Our Privacy Rules summarize this commitment.

Public Records Tracker Rules:

We do not reveal any personally identifiable information that we collect about you, your use of the Services or any information that you post on your Site to anyone else.

During the registration process, Public Records Tracker collects personally identifiable information from the Subscribing Organizations and their Members. Public Records Tracker may also collect personally identifiable information at other times. Public Records Tracker uses such information only for its own internal purposes. We will not sell, rent or release Subscribing Organization's or Member's personally identifiable information to any other party except with its explicit permission or under special circumstances. In addition, we will not access or release the Site Information except at the request of the Subscribing Organization or under certain rare special circumstances.

Unless you choose otherwise, Public Records Tracker shares information about you only on a basis that does not personally identify you.

Use of personally identifiable information by Public Records Tracker:
In order to improve our Service, provide content and develop applications and services that are useful to our Subscribing Organizations, Public Records Tracker automatically gathers information on an aggregate basis about the services and pages of a Site those Subscribers visit and use. A Subscribing Organization's personally identifiable information cannot be linked to any of this information. Public Records Tracker also uses demographic information and profile data about Subscribing Organizations and potential subscribers for these purposes.

Use of Cookies:
In order to offer our Services and to better respond to any problems Subscribing Organizations may experience with the Services or corporate website, Public Records Tracker uses cookies.

Our Service uses cookies in two ways. First, we use them to identify Subscribers in order for them to use the Site. This cookie expires at the end of each Subscribers session unless the Subscriber affirmatively elects to use the "Remember My Password" feature at the time he first logs in to the Site. We also use cookies to store and sometimes track information and record Subscriber preferences. This information cannot be linked to a Subscriber's personally identifiable information except for internal purposes when necessary (to contact a Subscriber, for example). These cookies are an integral part of providing the Services. If a Subscriber's browser does not accept cookies, the Subscriber cannot use the Services.

Our corporate website uses two anonymous cookies in order to administer our website and best serve our visitors. The first is used to track how visitors have come to our site, and expires after 24 hours. The second cookie is used to determine how frequently a visitor or Member visits our corporate website, and expires after 1 year. Both of these anonymous cookies do not include any personally identifiable information about a site visitor or Subscribing Organization.

We use industry-standard technology and other means to keep your information as secure as possible.

At Public Records Tracker, we know the security of your information and data is an important issue for you. Public Records Tracker exercises great care to secure your personally identifiable information and data, and has implemented security measures in accordance with industry-standard practice. Public Records Tracker uses multi-layered security to protect your information, and we are continuously engaged in examining and updating security as we update our Service. More information about our security practices and the protection of your data, is available on our website at www.publicrecordstracker.com.

Internally, we restrict access to all personally identifiable information to employees who need access to the information in order to do their jobs. These employees are limited in number, and are committed to our privacy and security policies. All such employees execute comprehensive nondisclosure agreements, which provide explicit confidentiality protections. Any employee who violates our privacy and/or security policies is subject to possible termination and civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be totally secure, and there is a risk that data could be intercepted or interrupted during Internet transmission. Although we strive to provide for secure transmission of Subscribing Organization's personally identifiable information from the Subscriber's computer to Public Records Tracker's servers and for secure storage of all recorded information into Public Records Tracker, Public Records Tracker cannot warrant the security of any information Subscribing Organizations transmit to us or our online services and Subscribing Organizations do so at their own risk.

If Subscribing Organizations have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Statement, they should contact us at info@eskelporter.com.