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FOIA State Gov: Looking At Your Public Records Online

What Do You Public Records Say?

If you’ve never looked into your public records online you might be a little skeptical and worried about what the information says about you and what types of information is available about you to the public. For starters even though there are public records out there for everyone that doesn’t mean everyone can just type your name into a search engine and get this information about you. There are still channels that people need to go through and typically this information is only available through public records software which needs to be paid for and downloaded in order to obtain. That’s why it’s not really a threat and the information available differs from state to state. If you are at all concerned, look into your state to see what information is out there and available to the public.

FOIA State Gov: Citizen Request Management; Organization At Your Finger Tips

If you are someone that works with foia state gov software programs and searches you probably have a heavy caseload. While you’re an organized person it can still get ahead of you. Deadlines come in and urgent requests that need an foia express happen and you drop the ball somewhere in between. A great way not to get caught up in a tide storm of requests is to have a software program that has a citizen request management option. This way when you have a bunch of ball in the air none of these balls drop because you have all your requests organized. When one is due it comes to you immediately. There is no more waiting and wondering you are alerted as request come in and as they are due. This way instead of paying out for a secretary or an assistant it’s built into the computer software program.