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Public Records Online: Getting The Best Public Tracker Information

State FOIA: Information About State FOIA

The state foia laws that were put into effect when Lydon B. Johnson was President Of The United States back in 1966 is a federal law that establishes that governmental information is available for the public to have access to and review. As a citizen you can make a written request to a federal agency and as a result you have a legal right to seek a review of any adverse determination of the request in which you made. The documents that FOIA applies to are agency records. There are nine exemptions typically and they can change state to state but things like national security, law enforcement, proprietary information and personal privacy are on the list of exemptions. You can appeal your denial of public records if the government choices to deny you request.

Public Tracker: A Cloud Based Solution

Before public records online software all public records request and public tracker information was done through written request. The great thing about public records tracker online is that you don’t need to download software and yet it gives you all the functionality that you need to manage your request, track them and respond to them. It also maintains agency compliances and regulations. It handles both state and local government organizations for when they are responding to citizen requests. The reporting options are great and they make compliance very easy. It really helps streamline your workload whether you are using public records tracker part time or full time. It’s also good at managing privacy act request as well as the PRA and FOIA. It helps agencies track these request effectively and efficiently. The reason for the shift was before there was pressure put on the federal chief information officers to get public records request moving faster and have a cloud based solution.