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State FOIA: What You Gain From Freedom Of Information Software

State FOIA: Information At Your Fingertips

Even though state foia laws make getting information easier than it’s ever been before doesn’t mean that your privacy is in any way in jeopardy. Yes, a request can be put in for certain information about you or your business but there are exemptions to that and a state foia software company will not give your information they are not legally allowed to give you. Even information they are legally allowed to give you isn’t always available.

Freedom Of Information Software: A Great Way To Get Access To Information

Nowadays you can get more and more information online through things like freedom of information software. Where before you had to rely on a carrier pigeon or the U.S. Postal system to get your request in the hands of the right person now, it’s all done online. The great thing about being able to put a request in online is you can put an expiration date on it. You can say that you want this information in ten days and they have ten days to meet your request.

Public Records Online: Is My Privacy At Risk?

If you just found out that there are public records online about you and your family and your business then you might be wondering if your privacy and the privacy of the people closest to you is at risk. The short answer is no. The longer answer is it depends what you consider to be private. There are usually around nine exemptions per state when it comes to privacy and while it can change state to state most states have at least seven of the nine. Under the open records, open meetings, Sunshine laws certain information is considered public.