citizen request management

Public Records Software: Offers Citizen Request Management

Public Records Software Works With Government Agencies To Get Public Information

Even the government has trouble sometimes getting records that are public on certain citizens. You’d think in this day and age putting in a request for public records would be easier. That’s why there’s public records software out there that works with government agencies to help them get the public records information they need on a citizen in a fast, organized and timely manner. There’s no reason if certain information is considered public and meets government standards in terms of request that government employees should hit a wall.


Citizen Request Management Is Important When Working On Many Different Projects

Government officials tend to work on more than one project or person. In fact usually they are working on many cases as once that managing each case can get difficult. Unless they are a higher up official they don’t have a secretary managing and organizing things for them. Therefore, having a program that makes citizen request management easy is necessary. The paper work can really pile up and it can be hard to remember what’s what in terms of the different request that have been put in. Having a software program that organizes those requests for you so they don’t blur together, makes the workload a little lighter.


Freedom Of Information Software Makes Getting Information Easier

Getting information regardless of whether or not it’s considered public information isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s why freedom of information software was invented. With FOIA software you can find public information on a citizen without violating any of the FOIA state compliances. FOIA software is easy to use and user friendly. You don’t need to be an experienced computer user to understand how to work FOIA software. Using software programs to game public information helps you stay organized on the task at hand. Each request is separate from your other requests that way things don’t get jumbled.