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Public Tracker: A State FOIA That Works For You

Public Records Online: Making Public Tracker Easier

Public records online software goal is to make public tracker information easier to obtain online and to organize. Citizen requests come in at a volume that without a working software program that can help expedite these requests at a state, local and federal level the job of most government employees becomes overwhelming. So overwhelming that people are stressed and overworked and that job becomes unbearable and there is no end in sight when it comes to the workload. Citizens are unhappy because their needs aren’t being met, their requests are getting lost and they aren’t getting the proper responses that they require in the time that they require it.

That’s why a software program that can act as a middle man or a liaisons between citizens and government employees at the state, local and federal level all while complying with the state foia laws set up by each state is considered to be the life raft that everyone has been looking for. When a citizen puts in a request this handy dandy software program gathers information on that citizen, takes the request online and then files it and send it to t the appropriate person to handle that request. Employees aren’t getting bogged down with taking the request anymore and now that this software system is creating this file it’s easier for a government employee to go in and find the request where before that wasn’t possible.

The employee can focus on said request and get back to the citizen in a timely manner. The citizen is no longer calling every five seconds about the request because they receive an email telling them when to expect to hear back on that request.