Data Conversion

So, you've bought this great new tool to track all your public records requests… but what about the data in that other program that you were using, or that manual spreadsheet that has months, or even years, of old data? No need to worry, Webfortis is here to help with the Public Records Tracker Migration Service. Whether you have a little or a lot of previous data, our Data Conversion Service will help with your situation.

This service is normally arranged when you first purchase the Public Records Tracker. We offer a variety of Conversion Services that will save you many hours of manual input of all your pre-existing data into your new tool. Our Data Conversion Service will relieve you of the aggravation and in-efficiency that goes along with having your data in two separate solutions. Let us help you get all your data in one location for a streamlined Public Records Request process.

Training Service

Now that you have selected the Public Records Tracker to track your Public Requests, let us show you how to become proficient. Public Records Tracker Training Service will enable your users to be more organized and efficient. Public Records Tracker training focuses on helping government professionals become self-sufficient in all aspects of our software from covering standard data entry, to monitoring/tracking public records requests, to more advanced ways to configure the software to meet your specific needs.

By using the Public Records Tracker, you will have the tools to exceed relevant compliance requirements of the Freedom of Information Act and your state's Public Records Act. Webfortis supports its family of products with various options for training. All training is provided remotely one-on-one or to a group, from the comfort of your own desk. Training sessions are performed by a Certified Application Consultant.

Report Development Service

Today's Public Records Act is complex. Government professionals require a new way of ensuring compliance while increasing business performance and results. You have already chosen the Public Records Tracker as your tool of choice to help make you efficient.

Public Records Tracker Report Development Services will now help you measure and report on your successes and compliance. This service is designed to provide you with customized reporting to help ensure that you and your organization are using the Public Records Tracker to its full potential. The reports are written by a Certified Senior Application Consultant and placed directly in your SAAS environment.