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Freedom Of Information Software: With State FOIA Regulations

Freedom Of Information Software: Why You Might Want It

You might not know much about freedom of information software. Why people have it? Why people use it? You might wonder why someone would want to snoop on another person. Some people do it for a living. They might be a private eye trying to find the biological mother of an adopted child. They might be someone who is trying to track someone else down who didn’t pay their last month’s rent. There are a whole host of reasons why people use the software.

State FOIA; Making Sure You Don’t Violate Someone’s Rights To Privacy

A state foia law is in place so that you do not violate another person’s rights to privacy. There are things that are considered public information and all you need to do is look up online, usually through a public information program the needed information on said person. However, there are certain things that are not readily available to please who want to know information on said person. That information is deemed as private. The best way to find out what your state laws are on private verses public information is to look online and find a state by state listing.


FOIA State GOV: When The Government Puts Limitations On What’s Public

When a government puts limits on what’s public verses private it’s to protect the rights of its citizens. Every state has different laws in regard to private and public information. You’ll probably find as you look at foia state gov laws that a lot of states view the same information as public and the same info as private. Some states vary a little but for the most part most of the laws are the same in this regard. It’s referred to as freedom of information act and shortened to foia.