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Public Tracker: A State FOIA To The Rescue

Public Tracker: Public Records Online

The best way to do a public tracker is through a public records online tracker site that complies with state foia. The last thing you want is a site that doesn’t follow state foia laws strictly. This is really important. It’s important to follow the letter of the law. Each state has different rules and laws when it comes to state foia. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the site that you are doing your public records online tracking work with knows what those laws are so that requests are heavily vetted. You do not want to be in trouble with the law. You also want a site that organizes your requests for you. A good site will have what’s called a citizen request management option. There you will find all your citizen requests in order. It will also offer a foia express this way when you need a request right away you have it. You will also be alerted to when certain requests need to be answered. This way you aren’t looking through requests constantly checking how much time you have you will be alerted that a request is due and it might be while you are working on another request which is okay. You will put that done and jump onto the request that is up that you need to take care of right away. It will prioritize for you because let’s be honest we are all busy and we need that extra set of hands whether they are real or computer generated to help us. The goal is to lessen your workload so that you can get the work that you need done. No more feeling overwhelmed and buried by requests because you will have them organized in a way so that the most important come first.