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FOIA Software: What Is In Public Records?

Why More Businesses Use FOIA Software

More and more business that do public record searches for a living use foia software. One of the biggest reasons is because it’s fast, it’s easy and it’s secure. Unlike some software programs you can only access your information from one computer. As long as you have a sign in and a password you can access your work from anywhere. So if you need to spend half of your day at the office but the other half working from home all you need is that user name and password to sign in to get the files and information you requested.

What Can I Find In Public Records About My Spouse?

If you have public records software which while it is information that is free and open to the public you still need to pay for that information and that is possible through a software program that makes in public records available to you. Now, unlike a private detective that probably uses a public records software program to gain certain information on certain persons the software program will not be able to tell you if your spouse is cheating on you. It doesn’t work like that. The information that you obtain is public but it’s under what the state constitutes as public information things like addresses, phone numbers, whether or not the person has been arrested in the last x amount of months.

Do FOIA State Gov Laws Protect Me From Identity Theft?

Foia state gov laws exist to protect people from identity theft. While it may surprise you what information is out there that is open to the public if they have access to a software program that gives public records information you probably have a better chance of being taken for a ride by having a social network site than you do from a public records software program. There are laws that protect you from having information that is deemed private and that would put your identity at risk.